This Is Unacceptable

I haven’t written a blog post in over two months! SHAME – ON – ME. In my defense I have a lot on my plate and I’ve chosen to make my YouTube channel a priority. Over on my channel I’m uploading five days a week now, That’s a whole lot of  filming and editing. 

There’s something about blogging however that I could never let go of. I love writing. It’s always been the easiest form of communication for me. Even when I’m planning out a YouTube video I jot down notes and ideas before actually sitting down to film. Today I’ve decided that this blogging hiatus is unacceptable. I’m back and promise to keep up with my blog weekly. I’ll make sure to post my new videos on here, share blogging advice and anything else that might come up.

Thank you for always being so understanding, love you guys!

In other news… if you’re a blogger, have a YouTube channel or are focused on Instagram … keep reading:

I’ve created a private Facebook group for online influencers and content creators. In order to be accepted into the group all you have to do is send me an email to with links to any outlets you’re active on like:

  • Instagram
  • Blog
  • YouTube channel

In the email please include the email address associated with your Facebook account. That’s how I will send the invitation to join the group to those of you who are qualified. We already have some pretty amazing group members. Would love to have you join!

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We live in times where social media has become a job, a career really. Many times social media is an added asset to a job you already do. Now more than ever, it’s become a title all on its own. Looking from the outside in, you might laugh at the fact that you could do social media for a brand as an actual job. How hard could it be, right? While social media has many exciting perks and can be a fun job — don’t forget that at the end of the day it’s still a job.

If one day you want to take over the social media department of a brand, start practicing with your own social media accounts. And take it seriously. Set goals for yourself on how often you want to post and how much you want to grow each month. Or maybe you just want to grow the social media for your blog or YouTube channel. Whichever path you’re interested in I’ve got the perfect e-book for you — and it’s only $4.99!

TWEET, INSTAGRAM & SNAP LIKE AN INFLUENCER is a mini guide I created for individuals working on growing their social media in hopes to grow their blog and YouTube channels as well. In this guide you’ll read through tons of ideas on what to upload on Instagram, Snap and Tweet about. If you’re ever running low on ideas, pick up the guide and you’ll be all set.


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Make YouTube A Career


I love being a creator on YouTube, so much that I also love sharing that passion with like-minded people. The amount of questions I’m asked on a daily basis would take too much time to answer individually. Instead I created the ultimate YouTube e-book. This book is filled with everything you need to know about starting a channel, growth strategies and making it big. Head over to and download the book today: The Ultimate YouTube Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Manage A Successful YouTube Channel.

At the end of each lesson there are mini homework assignments that will allow you to put what you’ve learned to practice. You’re going to have an amazing YouTube channel after reading this.


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What’s On My iPhone 7+

For some reason people love watching these ‘WHAT’S ON MY IPHONE‘ videos — and I’m one of them. I upgraded to the new iPhone 7 and I got the plus (which was a big change for me). I decided to show you every single app that’s on my phone (because you guys wanted to see) and a quick review on the new iPhone.

Hope you love it! What’s your favorite app?

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