What’s In A Beauty Blogger’s Bag


I’m such a nosey person, I love finding out what other people keep in their bags. What are their must-have products and gadgets? I know you guys are just as nosey as me, because you’ve been requesting a WHAT’S IN MY BAG video for quite some time now. And finally — I have delivered.

If you’ve ever wondered what a beauty blogger keeps in her bag then watch the video below.

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My Protein Shake For Weight Loss


I was having trouble finding a protein shake that worked for me. Everything I tried made me sick to my stomach within just a few sips. Thankfully I found a shake from Garden of Life called Raw Fit (I get the vanilla flavor) that fits my needs. The shake is vegan, gluten-free and soy free. It’s also intended to work for weight loss.

After the questions poured in on the shake I was using I decided to make a video and cover it all. Here I’m showing you how I make my shake, when I drink, and how frequently I drink the protein shake. If I missed any of your questions feel free to leave them in the comments below ;).

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You can purchase the shake in stores like Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe. It’s $10 cheaper on Vitamin Shoppe (they also have it on their website). Or you can order it on Amazon. They even sell single packets for you to try before commenting to the full jar.

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My Coolsculpting Experience


Last week I stopped by the Schweiger Dermatology office located in Hoboken, NJ (they have multiple locations). I was there to get Coolsculpting done, which is basically when you freeze your fat off. Coolsculpting allows you to remove fat from specific areas on your body. You know those stubborn areas like stomach bulge, love handles and double chin? Those are perfect for having coolsculpting done on.

A gel pad is placed over the area you want treated and the coolsculpting machine goes over that. The machine works like a vacuum, sucking in the area it’s been placed on top of. The area being treated freezes inside and the fat cells dye. Your body then naturally gets rid of those dead fat cells over time.

The Procedure

I was a little nervous, but everyone at the Schweiger Dermatology office made me feel comfortable. They explained everything prior and made sure I was comfortable the entire time I was bring treated. The procedure was done by the amazing Todd Newman, PA-C. Todd did a great job and helped me understand what was happening each step of the way. I had coolsculpting done on my lower stomach and love handles. These two areas are the ones that have given me the most trouble. No matter how much I would slim down, there was always a little belly bulge. I know that’s a similar case for many women and that’s why I’m sharing this experience with you all.

The first 10 minutes of the procedure are the toughest, because it’s a feeling you’ve never felt before. There is a strong suction, but soon after the area goes numb and you don’t feel anything else. After that each time they placed the machine on a new area, it didn’t bother me at all. Once the machine is removed the area will look like a block of butter — that’s what you’re seeing in the image below. It’s not a pretty photo, but just think of all that fat disappearing soon. Todd then has to massage the block for 2 minutes until it goes completely down. The massage part is very uncomfortable, but I pushed through because having that massage done will give you better results in the long run.


Each area where coolsculpting is performed takes 1 hour. It sounds like a long time, but it actually flies by. You can nap, read a book or play on your phone. Starting in May they will have a new system that cuts the procedure time in half. Instead of an hour per area, it will only take 35 minutes to treat.

Post Coolsculpting

After I finished up, I was extremely sore. My lower stomach especially was swollen and numb. While at home I’ve been wearing garments that compress the area. It helps me feel a lot more comfortable! It’s been 6 days since I had it done and each day the area feels better. I’ll have a vlog up tonight on my channel so you can get a better look at how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been wearing.


Full results from cool sculpting take 2-4 months to see. Since I’m only a week into the process I don’t have any results to show yet, but I will have a follow-up post when the results become more noticeable.

If you’re thinking of having coolsulpting done, now is the time to get it! You will see full results by Summertime and get to enjoy your flatter tummy. Schweiger Dermatology is offering my readers $100 any of their services, but you must book the appointment by May 1st, 2016 before the promotion expires. All you have to do is mention my name — Melissa Flores.

They’re also hosting a giveaway with me! The giveaway is strictly for Instagram. Head over there now to find out how to enter 😉


#TravelDiary Trip To Catalina Island


While in California, Neutrogena took a few of the We All Grow conference attendees on a day trip to Catalina Island. Prior to going on the trip we were told that we were going to the island via Helicopter so that we could get a sky tour of the city. The day before I received an email say that the helicopter sky tour wasn’t happening anymore. Instead we’d be traveling by water on a yacht. I was a little bummed out because I had never been on a helicopter ride, but the yacht turned out to be a blessing because I got to see my favorite animal — dolphins.



On our way to Catalina Island the captain stopped the boat and told us there were dolphins by us. I thought I would get to see one, but instead saw an entire squad of dolphins. To see them in their natural habitat, with family and freely swimming and jumping around was a breathtaking experience. That alone made my trip a success. I caught some video footage of the dolphins which you can see in my California vlog here. At one point we also saw a blue whale — which I was in awe of. I still can’t believe I witnessed these amazing creatures.




Catalina Island is beautiful and I definitely need to go back and visit for a longer stay. Neutrogena treated us to yoga with a view of the ocean. If you read the first #TravelDiary from this trip then you know I was very sick at the start of the trip. On this day I was still not feeling well, but there was something about doing yoga outside that was just so peaceful. I started to feel better immediately afterwards. After yoga we had a yummy brunch with a view and mimosas.


#OOTD Details:

Pink Zip Up – Victoria’s Secret Pink (similar)

Yoga Pants – Victoria’s Secret

Sneakers – Nike FlyKnit

Sunglasses – Quay Muse in Gold/Pink (they’ve been sold out online everywhere, but I found them at the Top Shop store at The Grove in LA)

Black T-shirt – H&M


SnapChat photo – From left to right- Dani Ramirez, Erika Batista & Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy also joined us on this trip. She is someone I’ve admired in throughout my career and getting to speak with her was an added bonus to this day. Dulce was one of the first girls I watched on YouTube. I watched her videos way before I ever considered starting a channel of my own. She is incredibly sweet and humble — it’s no wonder she has done amazing things with her career.



#OOTD Details:

Olive Dress – HotMiamiStyles

Suede Sandals – Forever21

Bag – H&M (bought years ago) (similar)

Our night was complete with a ‘Welcome Party’ thrown by We All Grow. The party felt like a sorority as my fellow Latina bloggers and I connected from all around the country.


Took this photo from Nadia 😉 From left to right – Claudia Felix-Garay, Michelle Ana, Nadia, Tiffany Diana and Alana Marie

If you missed Day 1 of my trip you can read the recap here. Tomorrow I will have the final recap from the last two days of the trip.

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