Fashion Nova Try On Haul

Fashion Nova is one of my favorite online stores. They have a great variety of both casual and dressier looks. In this try-on haul you’ll see a combination of the two. Most importantly you can find tons of affordable options (which I love). On top of the already low prices, Fashion Nova has shared a 15% off promo code with my audience. Use XOMELFLORES at checkout to get the discount.

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Easy Out The Door Makeup

Even when we’re in a rush or not doing anything all that special — we still want to look our best. Yes — you can look your best in 10-15 minutes. The makeup tutorial I’m sharing today is super simple. I can literally do this look in 10 minutes, because I’ve done it so many times now. 

The next time you need an, easy out the door makeup, try this:

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If you’ve ever wondered about eyelash extensions, today’s post will answer all of your questions. Eyelash extensions are super convenient and make you look put together even when you don’t have a stitch of makeup on. They’re basically my newest obsession. Find out why here:

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The Easiest Way To Shop

Why is retail therapy still not covered by my insurance?! I picked up a few things from some of my favorite stores and discovered a really cool shopping website. The website is called Shoptagr. It’s kind of like Pinterest in the sense that you can add items from your favorite online stores and have them all organized in one place. Shoptagr saves you money by notifying you when things go on sale and when specific items you selected come back in stock.

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