If you’ve ever wondered about eyelash extensions, today’s post will answer all of your questions. Eyelash extensions are super convenient and make you look put together even when you don’t have a stitch of makeup on. They’re basically my newest obsession. Find out why here:

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The Easiest Way To Shop

Why is retail therapy still not covered by my insurance?! I picked up a few things from some of my favorite stores and discovered a really cool shopping website. The website is called Shoptagr. It’s kind of like Pinterest in the sense that you can add items from your favorite online stores and have them all organized in one place. Shoptagr saves you money by notifying you when things go on sale and when specific items you selected come back in stock.

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How I Keep The Weight Off

This year I put a lot of focus on getting healthy and shedding some pounds. Some days are more difficult than others, but through it all I have discovered ways to keep myself on track. One big way I stay motivated and hold myself accountable is through an app called Lifesum.

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Make YouTube A Career


I love being a creator on YouTube, so much that I also love sharing that passion with like-minded people. The amount of questions I’m asked on a daily basis would take too much time to answer individually. Instead I created the ultimate YouTube e-book. This book is filled with everything you need to know about starting a channel, growth strategies and making it big. Head over to and download the book today: The Ultimate YouTube Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Manage A Successful YouTube Channel.

At the end of each lesson there are mini homework assignments that will allow you to put what you’ve learned to practice. You’re going to have an amazing YouTube channel after reading this.


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