What’s On My iPhone 7+

For some reason people love watching these ‘WHAT’S ON MY IPHONE‘ videos — and I’m one of them. I upgraded to the new iPhone 7 and I got the plus (which was a big change for me). I decided to show you every single app that’s on my phone (because you guys wanted to see) and a quick review on the new iPhone.

Hope you love it! What’s your favorite app?

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Best Bras For Big Boobs!

Do you have big boobs? Do you have trouble finding the right bra? Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you covered! Today I’m sharing three brands that always have my back when it comes to finding amazing bras. One of them is so affordable, you’ll be running to the store as soon as you finish watching this.

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All About My Nails

I have gotten sooo many questions about my nails — so it was only right for me to do a whole video on them. I found an amazing nail girl who finally gets me. Basically everything you need to know is this video:

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