Everything You Need To Know About Tape-In Hair Extensions

I am a self-proclaimed hair extensions queen. I’ve tried quite a bit of hair extension types except tape-ins. That is until now. I did a ton of research on tape-in hair extensions — the hair, installation, maintenance. In the end I decided I definitely had to give tape-ins a try.

The results? I’m obsessed. After a month of experiencing tape-ins I had a lot to say and answered a ton of your questions. Check them out here:


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This Is Unacceptable

I haven’t written a blog post in over two months! SHAME – ON – ME. In my defense I have a lot on my plate and I’ve chosen to make my YouTube channel a priority. Over on my channel I’m uploading five days a week now, That’s a whole lot of  filming and editing. 

There’s something about blogging however that I could never let go of. I love writing. It’s always been the easiest form of communication for me. Even when I’m planning out a YouTube video I jot down notes and ideas before actually sitting down to film. Today I’ve decided that this blogging hiatus is unacceptable. I’m back and promise to keep up with my blog weekly. I’ll make sure to post my new videos on here, share blogging advice and anything else that might come up.

Thank you for always being so understanding, love you guys!

In other news… if you’re a blogger, have a YouTube channel or are focused on Instagram … keep reading:

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Day 1 In London

I wrote my travel diary kind of backwards. I shared Day 2 on the blog (which you can read here first) and now I’m sharing what happened on my first day in London. That’s just the way my brain wanted to share this experience so lets go along with it ;).

I landed in London at about 7am which is 2am my time back home. I barely slept on the plane and was already feeling like I might need to knock out once I reached my hotel. Before boarding the plane I came across this water at the airport called 1Above. The bottle mentioned the water helped fight against jet lag and boosted your immune system. In my opinion it didn’t hurt to try it and I’m glad I did. I love water anyways so why not drink one that will help me through the exhaustion. This water works! If you’re traveling soon and don’t want to get sick or battle jet lag, give it a try.

Driving to the hotel it didn’t truly hit me that I was in London. Other than the fact that all the cars were right hand side drive and everyone was driving on the other side of the road (I don’t think I could ever get used to that). After about an hour the car pulled up to Hotel Cafe Royal right in what felt like the middle of London. The location was so beautiful it almost looked unreal, like it was right out of a movie. I wouldn’t have dreamed of staying anywhere but Cafe Royal. I had a beautiful suite with marble, heated floors and drank the most amazing caramel cafĂ© lattes everyday.

Even though I was excited to be in this beautiful city, I also felt instantly overwhelmed. Here I am, alone without a clue in the world as to how to get around. I almost wanted to just stay in the hotel room, but I pushed through the nerves and jet lag, changed my outfit and headed out to explore London. Before going on the trip I read about a ton of places I wanted to visit. I only had this one day to myself so I decided in order to make the most of it and go one of their popular bus tours. I found a bus tour online and followed walking directions to the start of the tour. Within 10 minutes I made my way towards Hyde park and found my bus tour. I have to add that I got pretty lucky with the weather. It was warm and didn’t rain at all while I was there (London is known for its rainy weather). The tour lasted almost 3 hours, and I got to see a ton of places on my list like Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham palace.

Once the tour concluded I decided to keep walking around. I found myself at Oxford street which has the best stores to shop at. I found the oldest book store in London called Hatchards. Being the bookworm that I am, I had to stop in there. I also stopped by Fortnum & Mason. Later I found out that this was London’s oldest grocery store. Mind you — this did not look like a grocery store whatsoever. Much for beautiful and department store-like. There I discovered the most amazing macaroons. I brought a little box back with me for my mom to try. After that I walked over to Picadelly Circus. Another main area with tons of things to do and stores to shop.

After an eventful day and hours of exploring I made my way back to the hotel. I walked everywhere by the way. London is so beautiful I didn’t want to miss a single moment zooming past it all in a car. I wanted to take in as much as possible. Also, by that point I felt so comfortable navigating the streets.

Before this trip I had lost total inspiration for writing my blog. My YouTube channel always has my full attention. I love creating videos. But writing my blog had lost my attention and I didn’t want to force it. There was something about being in this foreign city, being brave enough to explore on my own and just having a huge change of scenery that inspired me to write again. I used to write everything down — memories, dreams. Somewhere along the way I lost that. I have to thank the beautiful city of London for giving that back to me.

It felt so good to be absolutely selfish and do everything I wanted to do on a trip without worrying about what another person might want to do as well. It was quite liberating and now I understand why some people take solo trips. It’s quite the experience.

This trip to London was too quick and now I have an excuse to go back and explore some more.

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I’m writing this on the plane ride back home from London. It’s been a whirlwind past two days. I’m exhausted and at the same time my mind is racing with the most recent memories I’ve created.

First of all, I have to thank the Burberry team for an unforgettable experience. They flew me out to London to attend their Master Beauty class during London Fashion Week. I spent my second day in London visiting the Burberry flagship store (which is the most incredible store I’ve ever stepped foot in). You could get lost in the store — that’s how grand it is.

After the store tour, we made our way to Makers House. At Makers House we learned about the inspiration behind Burberry’s newest collection. The capes in particular were stunning, but knowing the background behind why they were created made me appreciate the collection so much more. Our last stop was the big Master Beauty class with lead makeup artist, Wendy Rowe.

Wendy did a demonstration, on a model, of the makeup all the models had worn on the runway just the night before. The makeup was beautiful, simple and like Wendy described — honest. The demo was easy enough for anyone to follow along. The techniques she used focused more on enhancing a person’s unique features more than covering up imperfections. I loved the idea of doing Honest makeup. We spend so much time trying to make our faces look perfect and cover up our problem areas that we end up forgetting to focus on the parts we do love about ourselves. 

After the makeup demo came my most favorite part — playing with all the new Burberry makeup! Without hesitation I removed the makeup I had applied that morning and started working on re-creating Wendy’s demo. There to assist was another amazing makeup artist, Michelle. Michelle works with tons of celebs like Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat dolls. She helped me mix colors to create shades that were a perfect match for my skin tone.

While doing my makeup I applied a technique I picked up from Wendy — using my hands to blend. I use makeup brushes for every single makeup application. I actually hate getting my hands dirty. But after seeing how the model’s makeup turned out I had to try this seemingly messy technique for myself. The results — natural and beautiful looking makeup. I have to add that the Burberry makeup products are a dream to work with. I instant fell in love with their Fresh Glow foundation. This foundation covers up what needs to be covered but, but still allows your skin to break through and glow. The Burberry team gifted each of us the makeup we used so get ready for some new makeup tutorials. I can’t wait to share these products!

After this I was whisked away back to my hotel, gathered the rest of my things and headed straight to the airport. And here I am now tired and halfway home, but writing this out because I still can’t believe the last 48 hours actually happened. This trip was truly a dream.

Now, I know what you’re wondering — what happened on Day 1? That day’s recap will be shared on a separate blog post because if I continue on this one it will turn into a never ending blog post. And trust me I have lots to say about Day 1 as well. I learned about some uncovered strengths I had and gained an inspiration I thought was gone. Now that I have that inspiration back I never want to lose it again.

Keep an eye out for part two of my travel diary. I’ll make sure to share it on SnapChat [melfloresglam] and Instagram. And of course I vlogged the entire trip. The video will most likely be up on my YouTube channel on Sunday.

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I’m extremely goal driven. I love making lists and checking things off as I get them done. This keeps me on track and gets me excited to complete the goals I set for myself. Sometimes making a list just doesn’t cut it. Life gets in the way and so do a million other things.

It’s important to not allow defeat into your life. I want to make sure you can accomplish every goal you set for yourself. In this video fitness is my main example, but you can definitely apply my methods to any goal you have.

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